Blog 23: 3 things I learned in English Composition 2

There are three things that I learned in my English class that will benefit my academic career. I first learned about gaining experience in summarizing readings and talks, and expressing my thoughts in the format of a blog. Another item of interest I acquired was familiarity  with the writings of science-fiction authors M.T Anderson and Ray Bradbury as well as the poetry of Robert Frost and Gerard Manley Hopkins. The final piece of knowledge I obtained in this class was  greater awareness that a second reading or reviewing of a work can unfold new findings.


Blog 22: Attitudes and reactions to public speaking

I have mixed feelings about public speaking. When I was younger, I had expressive speech delay. I mainly pointed and only uttered a few words. I had to have speech therapy at Kendall Speech & Language Center and at my elementary school.

I appreciate the value of public speaking and enjoy presentations from others whether they are formal lectures or more informal offerings such as late night show monologues. I am told that my grandfather had to give lectures even though he suffered from glossophobia. According to some experts, public speaking is said to be the largest phobia, surpassing flying, financial ruin, sickness, as well as death. I think I am improving and overcoming my fear since I had to give a presentation as part of a group about a month ago.


Blog 21: Practical Writing: Movie Review

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug is an action-packed, horror-filled, comedic, fantasy  and adventure film that was magnificently adapted from author J. R. R. Tolkien’s novel, The Hobbit. I give this extraordinary movie a 10/10 rating. I love every single thing about this wonderful adaptation. I love the plot, the setting,  and  the colorful cast of characters. I believe the casting director of this project made the right choices when they chose the actors to portray the characters. I believe Benedict Cumberbatch was   a perfect choice for the role of Smaug due to the commanding voice he has; I think Martin Freeman’s depiction of the young Bilbo Baggins was just brilliantly done with his mix of modesty, honor and ingenuity. I like the choreography of the amazing fight scenes with Orlando Bloom, who plays Legolas, and Evangeline  Lilly, who  portrays Tauriel, a new character who does not  even appear in the novel. I love all the new aspects that were added to the story such as the characters Tauriel and Radagast, I admire the special effects. For example,the fire Smaug breathes out, and the lighting like an aura that encircles Tauriel when she is concocting a medicinal recipe and uttering Elfen magical phrases. The locations they used for the film were breathtaking. New Zealand was the perfect backdrop for films which are set in Middle-Earth. I wont forget about the music either. I undoubtedly believe this story is in good hands. Peter Jackson, with his grasp of the Tolkien universe, is the right director for the job.


Blog 20: Practical Writing: Top 5 favorite Movies

1. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey: Because it is an adaptation of  Tolkien’s famous work.

2. Lincoln: Because it tells the story of  one of the greatest President’s known to the United States of America.

3.  The Breakfast Club: Because this film is about a group of teenagers, each from a different clique, who bond while  in detention.

4. Back to the Future: One of my favorites due to the fact it has the concept of time travel.

5. Marvel’s The Avengers: Because it has an ensemble of the cast of each Marvel film.



Blog 19: Practical Writing: Recipe

Chocolate Snow Cake

3 eggs

cup of vegetable oil

Devil’s food cake mix

1/2 cup of powdered sugar

beat eggs

Add oil

Add water

Add cake mix

Beat with Blender for 5 minutes

Preheat the oven at 350 degrees F

Bake for 33-36 minutes

With blender, mix all ingredients together

Pour cake mix into greased baking pan

Flip the cake onto serving dish & let it cool for 5-10 minutes

Place the powder sugar over the cake

chocolatesnowcake1 The Ingredientschocolatesnowcake2 Pouring the mixchocolatesnowcake3 Cake is done




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