Blog 16: Practical writing; Customer service complaint letter

10845 S.W. 112th avenue

Miami, FL 33176

March 20, 2014

Danny Figueredo


BrandsMart U.S.A

160515 Dixie Highway

Miami, FL 33157

Dear Mr. Figueredo:

I’m writing this letter to you and the customer service department on behalf of my uncle, Chris Gargano. On March 17, 2014, he received delivery of appliances he purchased at your store. Although the delivery truck contained the stove, dishwasher, and microwave, my uncle realized that the refrigerator he was expecting was not there. Upon calling the warehouse to find out why the refrigerator was not onboard, a warehouse worker informed him that it had been delivered to someone else. My uncle assumed that the delivery elsewhere was a mistake but was told that it was not an error. My uncle was told that even though he indeed bought the refrigerator, the company has a policy of delivering appliances to the person with an earlier delivery date even if that person bought the refrigerator later than the first person.

We believe this is an unfair policy. My uncle bought the refrigerator before the other person, and he and my cousin were in dire need of one since they had recently moved back into their place after being in hotels for weeks. We strongly recommend that you change this company policy to one that honors the agreement your store makes with the customer.


Kevin Manning


Blog 15: Practical Writing; Defending your opinion on a message board

The vanishing of Malaysia Airlines 370 for over 12 days is a message in itself that something should be done to prevent this protracted length of lack of contact. If technology can be implemented to increase the chances of tracking and locating an airplane that has experienced some type of trauma, then I think it should be installed. A flight data recorder, known as the black box, gives off a beacon that will ping for a month at a two-mile radius approximately if a plane goes down. In-flight streaming of information from the black box to the “cloud” should be explored. Floating beacons that are activated when an airplane crashes should be mandatory.  In this day and age of sophisticated mass transit, technology should be employed to ensure safety, location and retrieval.


Blog 14: Practical writing; Twitter posts

Post 1: I couldn’t believe my eyes as I walked in the streets of New York City and I saw the one and only George RR Martin #GameOfThrones

Post 2: Oh my god Last nights episode of the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon was hilarious #TonightShow

post 3: Just saw the new Godzilla trailer can’t wait to see the movie #Godzilla

Post 4: I saw the Hobbit film #Hobbit

Post 5: Seth Meyer is funny #LateNightwithSethMeyer


Blog 13:Practical Writing: Email to boss

Dear Mr. David Smith, Manager of Barnes & Noble, the shops at Sunset Place

Even though I have worked at this store for a few months, I decided to suggest an idea. I noticed on the calendar or upcoming events that only two events were listed for a period of three months. The two events are “Story time” hours for young children. I think it will benefit the store to hold a lot more events. Perhaps some of these events can coincide with movies that are being shown at the theater for example, “The Lego Movie” is out now, and maybe building with legos can be done aside from story time.  As you know, I have also sent a copy of this communication to Ms. Beth Coleman, the assistant manager. If you can see merit in this idea, please let me know. I would love to be a part of making this happen.


Kevin Manning